Performance 365


Welcome to Performance 365 - the monthly updates.

Each month we will publish our performance figures, so you can follow how we're doing all through the year. Some things only happen once a year, for example a stair cleaning survey, while other things are going all all year round, for example, empty homes being made ready for new tenants.

We know that our tenants like to know how we're doing, and if you think there's something missing, please contact us and let us know what you'd like to see. If it's information we have, and doesn't breach any data protection rules, we will usually be able to provide it, and if it's something other tenants may be interested in, we may include it in our monthly updates.

ELHA Characters

Outcome 01 Equalities

"every tenant and other customer has their individual needs recognised, is treated fairly and with respect, and receives fair access to housing and housing services."

Ethnic breakdown of new tenants

  • Percentage of new tenants with a disability 25%
  • Medical transfers 0

Outcome 02 Communication

"tenants and other customers find it easy to communicate with their landlord and get the information they need about their landlord, how and why it makes decisions and the services it provides."
  • Tenants with a My Home account 958
  • Paper Free tenants 737
  • Visits to My Home & 7,617
  • Complaints received 13
  • Praise received 11

Outcome 03 Participation

This month we:

  • received the draft report on the Tenant Satisfaction survey carried out by Research Resource at the end of last year. Watch this space for more information!
  • sent our new Housing Officer, james McCallum-Browne to the East Lothian Tenant Participation Liaison Group meeting. We like to throw new staff in the deep end - James gave an overview of our digital enegagement projects to other East Lothian landlords.
  • were thrilled at the huge response to our Rent Increase Consultation. 24.3% of our tenants took part - that's almost a quarter of all tenants! Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave comments and suggestions - we have read all of your comments, and we were very impressed with the high number of well thought out responses. All responses will go to the next Management Committee meeting, and we're sure they will generate some discussion.
"tenants and other customers find it easy to participate in and influence their landlord’s decisions at a level they feel comfortable with."

Outcome 04 Quality of Housing

Fantastic news on our EESSHH compliance. The deadline for all social housing to be EESSHH compliant is December 2020, but we only have 9 properties left to bring up to standard.

"tenants’ homes as a minimum, meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standards by April 2015 and continue to meet it thereafter, and when they are allocated, are always clean, tidy and in a good state of repair."
  • New tenants satisfied with the condition of their home 54%
  • Number of applicants who refused a property after viewing it 0

Outcome 05 Repairs, Maintenance & Improvements

"tenants’ homes are well maintained, with repairs and improvements carried out when required, and tenants are given reasonable choices about when work is done."
  • Number of emergency repairs completed 4
  • Number of non-emergency repairs completed 301
  • Average time to complete repairs 7.1 days
  • Average time to complete emergency repairs 1 hour 22m
  • Repairs completed right first time 96.68%

Outcome 06 Estate Management, Antisocial Behaviour, Neighbour Nuisance & Tenancy Disputes

"Tenants and other customers live in well-maintained neighbourhoods where they feel safe."
  • Number of Neighbour Complaints resolved 4
  • Average time to resolve neighbour complaints 1 day
  • Number of ELHA tenants with an ASBO 2

Outcome 07, 08 & 09 Housing Options

"people looking for housing get information that helps them make informed choices and decisions about the range of housing options available to them."
  • Number of households registered for housing 4,292
  • Number of new tenancies 8
  • Homeless families housed 5
  1 Bedroom 2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms 4+ Bedrooms
Houses 0 0 0 0
Flats 4 2 0 0
Sheltered / Amenity 2 0 0 0
Wheelchair / Medically Adapted 0 0 0 0
"tenants and people on housing lists can review their housing options."
“people at risk of losing their homes get advice on preventing homelessness.”

Outcome 10 Access to Social Housing

"people looking for housing find it easy to apply for the widest choice of social housing available and get the information they need on how the landlord allocates homes and their prospects of being housed."

New tenants

Outcome 11 Tenancy Sustainment

"tenants get the information they need on how to obtain support to remain in their home; and ensure suitable is available, including services provided directly by the landlord and by other organisations."
  • Number of failed tenancies 0
  • Number of abandoned properties 0
  • Number of decorating packs issued 8

Outcome 13 Value for Money

"tenants, owners and other customers receive services that provide continually improving value for the rent and service changes they pay."
  • Average time taken to relet empty homes 24 days
  • Rent lost on properties relet this month £2,441

Outcome 14 & 15 Rents & Service Charges

"a balance is struck between the level of services provided , the cost of the services, and how far current and prospective tenants and other customers can afford them."
"tenants get clear information on how rent and other money is spent, including any details of individual items of expenditure above thresholds agreed between landlords and tenants."
  • Rent arrears £175,630
  • Arrears as a percentage of our rental income 2.55%
  • Court actions raised for rent arrears 0
  • Evictions for rent arrears 0